VivaCell Biotechnology España SL is a privately held preclinical stage drug development company focused on new non-psychotropic cannabinoids for the treatment of inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases. The Company is worldwide pioneer in the development of cannabidiol and cannabigerol chemical derivatives that improve the therapeutic properties of the natural hit compounds. The selected preclinical candidates (VCE-003.2 and VCE-004.8) are being developed to address unmet clinical need in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington's Disease and Scleroderma. Our current preclinical candidates address targets in the PPARy pathway and others that have been validated as key target in the treatment of CNS and fibrotic disorders. Additionally, VivaCell expertise includes the R&D on hemp extracts (non-psychotropic Cannabis varieties) such as CDE-001 to improve inflammatory skin conditions as Atopic Dermatitis. VivaCell R&D program is in continuous growth with the assessment of new molecules and new indications. All of our product candidates were discovered internally in our own research laboratories. To support the advancement of our candidates, VivaCell has assembled a proven management and scientific team with expertise in drug discovery and pre-clinical development. In addition, we have established a strong patent portfolio protecting our novel candidates. 

VivaCell's vision is to be worldwide leaders in the development of new cannabinoids
targeting unmet clinical needs in chronic inflammatory diseases

VivaCell was founded in 2003 as a spin-off of the AINP (FP-V) and Cannabis (FP-VI) EU projects by a group of internationally renowned researchers in biomedicine, pharmacology and chemistry of natural products. The founders are members of the Scientific Advisory Board of the company. VivaCell is based at the Technological & Scientific Park of Córdoba (Spain). The facilities include head office and R&D laboratories which are equipped with the best technology for biomedicine research. In house R&D is complemented with partnerships with top-class Research Centers such as IMIBIC (University of Córdoba), CIBERNED and IRYCIS (University Complutense of Madrid), CSIC - Instituto Cajal (Madrid), and University of Piamonde Orientale (Italy).This flexible model allows us to allocate the most appropriate resources to each project, optimizing the know-how, and offering a wide range of capabilities to the company to perform different types of projects. We have formed strategic alliances with PhytoPlant Research SL and Emerald Health Pharmaceuticals Inc. Since our founding, we have raised approximately $4 million, consisting of a blend of equity financings, public grant and loans, and collaboration funding from our pharmaceutical partnerships.

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